Ch Superstitions of, 10, 12; council held to consider best policy to adopt in dealing with them, 108-111; murders committed by, 115; their great esteem for Champlain, 159; difficulty of educating their children, 233. S Their general friendliness to Upper Canada settlers, 62; their good conduct rewarded, 62; lands allotted to on Grand River, 74; schools and churches provided for, 74; Simcoe's estimate of, 75; engagements made with, faithfully kept, 76; their lands encroached upon by Americans, 119; their defeat of expedition under St. Clair, 121; great council of, 122, 124; failure of negotiations with American commissioners, 123-125. WM Generally friendly to France, 17; appearance of, on field of battle, 31; swell army of Montcalm at Fort Carillon, 38; their habits in camp, 39; Christian Indians different from the pagans, 39; attack British boats, 40; general meeting of, called by Montcalm, 40-42; repulse British force on left bank of Montmorency, 129; scalp the wounded after battle, 142; paid well for prisoners, but less amount for scalps, 150; fly from battlefield, 202; form part of Lévis's army, 245; in battle of Ste. Foy, 265. Hd Their lands secured by treaty, 12; allies of the French, 13, 16, 21; help Pouchot at Niagara, 25; Sir William Johnson's following of, 28, 29; irregular traffic with, prohibited, 32, 54; fears of an uprising among, 55; impressed by enlistment of French-Canadians under British flag, 57; in Florida, 66, 71, 73; Haldimand's treatment of, 91-93, 131, 145, 146, 147, 150, 153, 157, 258-259, 266, 347; uncertain allies, 126, 137, 170, 260; rebels try to gain for France, 127-128, 134, 136, 279; indignant at terms of peace between Britain and colonies, 256-257; American cruelty towards, 307. F Menacing attitude of, 17; defrauded by traders, 18, 154; not readily receptive of Christian doctrine, 167. Dr Those with Burgoyne worse than useless, 178; ignored in treaty of peace between Britain and American colonies, 231; their lands invaded by frontiersmen, 233; attacked by American troops, 234; trouble with western tribes, 249, 262, 276. L Violent effects of intoxicating liquor upon, 36, 37; three of the nations sue for peace, 53; conversion of, very precarious, 62; difficult to civilize them, 63, 126; sincere devotion of many, 64. SeeAbnaki; Algonquian; Cree; Creek; Delaware; Déné; Etchemin; Huron; Illinois; Iroquois; Micmac; Ottawa; Tête de Boule.
   Bib.: Hodge, Handbook of American Indians; Brinton, The American Race; Bancroft, Native Races of the Pacific States; Catlin, Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians; Drake, Aboriginal Races of North America; Lafitau, Moeurs des Sauvages Amériquains; Maclean, Canadian Savage Folk; Morgan, Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines; Schoolcraft, Indian Tribes of the United States.

The makers of Canada. 2014.

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